JSC«KHRAMHESI I” celebrated its 60 anniversary in 2007. There weren’t carried out any significant repair and restoration works in the power plant before Close Corporation “INTER RAO” entered upon its duties as manager of the Company (in autumn 2003) (through affiliate company «GEORGIA HOLDING BV»), which resulted in often failures in functioning of hydroelectric power plant. That is why, from the beginning of 2004, at the initiative of new management of the power plant, certain rehabilitation works were performed for stabilization of functioning of “KHRAMHESI I”.  

Taking into account requirements of Management Agreement of JSC “KHRAMHESI I” and JSC “KHRAMHESI II” concluded between the Government of Georgia and «GEORGIA HOLDING BV», the management of JSC “KHRAMHESI I” elaborated the program of further development of power plant oriented at improvement of safe and proper operation of power plant according to modern standards.