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Ecosystem management

Ecological Management

JSC “Khramhesi I” undertook not to affect the environment by its actions, to improve and develop constantly the system of environmental protection. 
The Company has developed and introduced the system of ecological management in compliance with international standards of ecological management ISO 14001:2015. For these purposes was approved the ecological policy of JSC “Khramhesi I”, which determined the main intentions and directions of activities with regard to ecological efficiency and representing a basis for determination of ecological tasks and objectives of the Company. 

In 2021, the specialized company has carried out audit of the system of ecological management of the Company and has issued the certificate of compliance with international standard ISO 14001:2015

  • To ensure compliance of the industrial activities of the Company with national, regional and local normative requirements in the field of environmental protection, management and industrial safety; 
  • To ensure constant improvement of the environmental management – consequently reduce the adverse impact on the environment to the technically achievable and economically reasonable level;
  • To follow the principle of priority of the measures for prevention of pollution, to strive for constant environmental improvement in the region of operation of the industrial activities;
  • Taking into account the interests of shareholders and consumers of products, to consequently reduce economic charges related to ecological aspects of industrial activities, strive for solution  of the environmental problems by economically effective methods;
  • To strive for achievement of the agreement between management and personnel of the Company, shareholders, state and public organizations, and population in the fields of environmental safety of industrial activities, the level of its social responsibility and effectiveness of its environmental activities.

Strategic purposes of JSC “Khramhesi I” in the field of environmental protection and management

For achievement of its ecological purposes, the Company shall develop its activities in the field of environmental protection in the following directions:

  • Development and consequent increase of efficiency of the environmental management system of the Company, including introduction of the existing experience in the field of environmental activities;
  • Improvement of energy effective production, increase of energy and resource efficiency and   technological discipline; 
  • Development of the system of environmental control, planning, control and accounting of environmental specifications of the industrial activities, encouragement of personnel  for its constant improvement; 
  • Priority introduction of environmental measures preventing from formation of hazardous substances and negative impact, complex, ecologically and economically effective measures; 
  • Accounting of ecological aspects in the course of design and construction of the new energy objects, modernization and reconstruction of the equipment, application of the best available technical solutions in the field of electric energy and ecology;
  • Reduction of water consumption, arrangement of the water utilization practices, elimination of losses, increase of the quality of operation and repair of engineering networks;
  • Organization of beneficial use of production wastes, organization of cooperation and work with government authorities, enterprises of construction enterprises, road and agricultural industry, other concerned parties for extension of beneficial use of waste;  
  • Removal of the environmentally hazardous and contaminant substances and high waste technologies, control of environmental specifications of purchased and used fuels, materials and equipment;
  • Involvement of the whole personnel of the Company into environmental activities, training of personnel in environmentally safe methods of work operation, increase of the level of environmental knowledge; 
  • Stimulation of the environmentally responsible attitude of the personnel of the Company, contractor organizations, fuel, equipment and materials suppliers;
  • Analysis and appraisal of environmental risks, planning and implementation of measures for prevention of accidents having negative impact on the environment, provision of readiness for proper response in case of an accident, compensation of caused losses;
  • Increase of effective use of natural and material resources;
  • Provision of openness and availability of objects of the Company, the results of environmental activities and industrial environmental control for any concerned persons, accounting of interests and opinions of interested persons in planning and implementation of the industrial activities;
  • Conduction of active information policy in the field of environment, availability of environmental evaluation of activities of the Company for concerned parties;
  • Maintenance of the state and civil initiatives in the field of environmental protection and stable development.

The Company shall resolve its ecological tasks in the terms of cooperation and dialog with all social groups, interested in the improvement of environmental safety of the Company and the whole power energy, perfection of the whole environment and constant development of the Company: partner enterprises, state and municipal agencies, scientific and educational institutions, public organizations. 

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