Main Equipment

3 vertical hydraulic units manufactured by Sweden Company “ASEA” are installed in the machine hall; general installed capacity of this units is 112,8 thousand kwt, rated water pressure 370 m. thousand kwt and nominal circulation - 375 rpm. There is also special hydraulic unit for own consumption with the capacity of 650 kwt. Release of electricity to electric system shall be carried out through four 110 kv electric power transmission lines: “TONETI-2”, “IMERA”, “GOMARETI” and “TRIALETI”. The electric power transmission line “GOMARETI” connects “KHRAMHESI -1” and “KHRAMHESI-2”. 

Water supply of hydro power plant is carried out from annually regulated water storage reservoir, though ferroconcrete pressure conduit having the length of about 7km, circular section and inner diameter 3.2 m., then through one-thread metal water conduit with inner diameter of 2,9 m and three-thread metal water conduit with inner diameter of each thread -1,3 m. 

The volume of water storage reservoir is about 290 million m3. The water storage reservoir is arranged by construction of storage dam located at the beginning of Tsalka ravine. The storage dam is covered by rock, length at the ridge is 113 m, width on the surface is 5 m, height of the storage dam is 32.0 m. There is water outlet consisting of six sections with general passage capacity of 500 m3/sec.. 

Open water intake designed for water supply in the capacity of 36 m3/sec. and water inlet having the length of 24,4 m, two sections, size of each is 4,5 x 5,0 m. 

Switchgear of close type, nominal pressure - 6000 V, short circuit capacity is 56300 kwt. Open transmission plant, square 7700 m2; covered by crushed stone. There is concrete fencing with metal lattice. Rated voltage is 120 kwt. 

Three transmission, oil-filled, three-phase transformers of ТДЦ 80000/110 type are installed along the indoor switchgear longitudinal wall. General installed capacity of these transformers is 240000 kilowatt.


-    Repairing works of unit #1 and #2
-    Capital repairing works of unit #3
-    Capital repairing works of power transformer #1
-    The construction of treatment facilities for the purification of domestic effluents of the HPP and residential settlement
-    The construction of treatment facilities for the purification of industrial and surface effluents of HPP
-    Supply of spare turbine runner
-    Designing of the system of general automation and relay protection of transmission lines and generators
-    Supply of housing and piston of the servomotor of the turbine speed controller
-    Supply of 10kV, 630 kilovolt ampere auxiliary transformer


-    Repairing works of unit #2 and #3
-    Capital repairing works of unit #1
-    Supply and installation of unit #1 air coolers
-    Capital repairing works of power transformer #2
-    Repairing works of slide gate #1
-    Repairing of first stage of domestic building
-    Changing of butterfly valve and intake hydro structures transformers
-    Supply and installation of unit #3 turbine runner


-    Repairing works of unit #1, #2 and #3
-    Supply and installation of unit #2 air coolers
-    Diagnostics of vessels under pressure lifting machinery
-    Modification of speed governor program (unit startup at isolated greed)
-    Fencing of reservoir territory 
-    Reservoir apex capital repairing 


-    Repairing works of unit #1 and #2
-    Capital repairing works of unit #3
-    Supply and installation of unit #3 air coolers
-    Repairing works of slide gate #3
-    Designing, supply and mounting of slide gate operating system
-    Inspection of building and hydro structure concrete strength


-  Capital repair of hydraulic unit #2 and replacement of the runner
-  Repair of T-3 power transformer
-  Repair of 6-10 kilowatt of the closed switchgear


-  Repair of T-1 power transformer
-  Anticorrosion processing of the one-thread pipeline  and restoration of lighting
-  Rehabilitation of butterfly valves monitoring system (drafting, delivery, mounting)


-  Repair of the shied of idle outlet of water reservoir and lifting gear
-  Repair of three-thread conduit pipeline anchors and interim supports
-  Capital repair #1 of the hydraulic power plant with restoration of thermal control system 


-  Repair of three-thread pipeline compensators
-  Repair of generator for own consumption
-  Mounting of water reservoir monitoring system


-  Mounting of the fire alarm system  in the building and accessory building of the hydroelectric power plant
-  Rehabilitation of #1 and #2 diversion tunnel
-  Repair  #1 and #2 slide shutters


-  Rehabilitation of power transformers monitoring system
-  Rehabilitation of administrative and domestic buildings
-  Rehabilitation of sloping and basket-shaped waste collecting net